Over the years working closely with our customers, designers, and architects on both residential and commercial projects, The Wood Room has continually advocated the importance of custom made furniture. Identifying a gap in the market for furniture that was not only well made but had the ability to be customised to fit an individual space.

With the understanding that every space is unique, we saw the importance of ensuring each piece of furniture could be constructed according to the customer's specifications. We decided that being able to custom build each piece of furniture to the dimensions required by client, meant that every piece would fit perfectly in the space it was intended for. And there arose our motto, that our furniture is "designed by you, made by us." We look forward to discussing your requirements in relation to building your perfect piece of furniture.


Furniture from The Wood Room has been hand crafted by us, right here in Sydney. As we are committed to the design and production of high quality furniture, and attention to detail, each step is considered carefully, from the design, to the construction and finish, even down to timber selection and grain orientation. Not one piece of furniture is the same, and this is what makes our handmade so unique.


We understand everyone is different and every space is unique. Because of this our furniture is made-to-order. We love, and encourage our clients to be a part of the design process, meaning that each piece can be custom designed and created to specific requirements in terms of dimensions, material and finishes.


Every piece of furniture has a completely unique grain to the wood, telling its own distinctive story. The overall finish is created by hand buffing and a unique application of high quality finishes, such as oils, lacquers and wood washes. Each application has its own unique appearance and we encourage our customers to view our extensive finishes range.