Product Care & Maintenance

All our American Oak timber collections have lacquered surfaces. Lacquer provides a membrane on the top of the timber, protecting the timber and making the piece of furniture durable and strong.

Our furniture can can mostly tolerate the heat from coffee cups and dinner plates, they cannot tolerate greater temperatures from dishes heated on the stove-top or in conventional or microwave ovens.

The lacquer is also water resistant, however cannot tolerate excessive quantities of liquid. Dry any spills immediately otherwise liquid may seep through the lacquer and cause irreparable damage.

Your solid timber furniture is a natural product and may expand and contract due to varying temperature conditions, occasionally producing small cracks within or between the boards. This is normal and often part of a piece’s character.

To minimise movement in the timber, the furniture should not be placed outside, in direct sunlight, near fireplaces, or in heavily air-conditioned areas. Timber can be wiped down with any gentle non abrasive cleaning product.

Always avoid cleaning painted timber harsh chemicals, a simple non abrasive cleaning product is sufficient.

To clean your painted timber surface, use a dust cloth or feather duster to remove dust and debris. Removing dust is essential as dust collection absorbs and holds moisture on humid days and damp evenings, causing the timber to expand/crack.

You may use a slightly damp cloth or mild detergent in lukewarm water to remove liquids that might stain, however be sure that the cloth is not soaked excessively and the surface is dried with a clean dry cloth immediately after wetting.  

All indoor Lloyd Loom furniture can easily be maintained with a moist towel and some natural soap. All Lloyd Loom products are available with nylon or felt glides in order to protect the feet and all types of floor surfaces.  Using the correct glides will prevent any damage due to contact between the feet and the ground. Replacement glides can easily be purchased through The Wood Room Furniture.

Should the paint of your furniture become damaged, then a small touch up of paint from the touch up bottle will restore the finish perfectly. Touch up bottles can also easily be provided through The Wood Room Furniture. 

A gentle wash with a non-foaming mild detergent every three months, will maintain outdoor Lloyd Loom products. A soft nylon brush or a low pressure air hose can also be used to clean between the weaving.

The outdoor collection is made of aluminium frames with a special treated Loom. After the weaving process, the woven paper is dipped in a latex emulsion to form a flexible coating for moisture resistance.  A special paint from the automotive sector makes the weave resistant to sun and rain.  What’s more, the open weave  prevents the chairs from retaining heat, even after long hours in the sun.

Designs from the outdoor range have to be stored indoors during periods of particularly heavy rain. The woven paper can be cleaned easily by wiping with a damp cloth. The Lloyd Loom outdoor furniture is dirt and damp resistant. To maximise the lifespan of your furniture, any scratches should be quickly treated using touch up paint.

Our Danish cord furniture usually requires very little maintenance, as the strong paper cord is designed to last for years.

If you want to freshen up the seat, you can wipe it using a cloth tightly wrung out with a neutral colourless soap solution. However, it is advisable not to do this too often, as it can wear the paper cord unnecessarily. Never use a soaked wet cloth, always ensure it is tightly wrung out or slightly moist. The Danish cord is treated with a thin layer of wax which helps to prevent stains. Discolouration of the paper cord may, however, result from spillages of strong liquids, for example red wine, or strongly coloured food, on the seat.